our office

This is where the business of  Floratrade takes place. Floratrade sells large volumes of Australian Wildflowers and Greens which are grown in plantations and glasshouses all over Australia.

We attempt to make it as easy as possible for both those who want to buy Australian Wildflowers and Greens from us and those Growers who want to sell Australian Wildflowers and Greens to us.

To ensure that our suppliers are abreast at all times of the market needs of our clients we continue to upgrade the "grower information" pages.

So use the menu buttons to get more detailed information about doing business with Floratrade.

If you want more information relating about buying our Australian Wildflowers and Greens or selling to us call Shaun or Nico on  +61 (0)3  9338  0444

To contact us by email ftrade@pacific.net.au